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Friday, November 28, 2008

Gee, it HAS been a while

Hi everyone:

I know, it's been a while and I am truly sorry that I have been so quiet lately. Since I put my back out it was very difficult to sit in a chair for more than a minute or so. Of course the docs gave me meds, and I spent a few days flying Air Percocet. Not my favorite feeling in the world, although I do like the no pain part, so I only took them for a couple of days.

The only residual effect of the back problem is a loss of sensation in parts of my foot. Am seeing the diabetes specialist in a couple of weeks and he will know what to do about that.

So, I managed to make a few more cards, which you can check out in my photobucket, otherwise, I am trying to catch up on swaps, housework and sleep.

I will try to be more consistent when it comes to writing, but I will promise to at least touch bases once a week... THAT I know I can do.

So, thanks for all the get well wishes, the cards both snail and e mail and finally the prayers.

I am good, really, feeling like myself and raring to go (as long as it doesn't involve walking - lol.

Take care everyone, and to all my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving, go easy on the Black Friday experience...

Hugs and all that.

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