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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Good morning World (2)

Good morning Famly and Friends:

I woke up to a beautiful sight. My world blanketed in white. Finally we have snow.

I love the way it looks and feels. Everything seems so clean, and quiet.

This beautiful white world has inspired me to attempt a watercolour painting that has been percolating for the past few days. I can only hope it will work as I would like it to be a gift for my youngest sister.

Wish me luck.

I know I haven't been consistent with my posting, but it is just such a busy time of year, and if I can drop one thing off of my to-do list, I will.

I have created many new cards and will post them in my photobucket album at some point this weekend.

For now, I have to get ready as my friend Carol is coming over because she needs me to help her make Liam's little mouse costume for his 1st grade Christmas play. There are tails (?) to be sewn...

Have a blessed day, I promise I will do better and write more.

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