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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Already sunday???

Hi Folks!

I can't believe it is already Sunday! I know I lost a couple of days because I was ill, but still is it just me or is time moving much faster? Certainly, it can't be because I am getting older... right?

So, with the computer down yesterday, I actually got quite a few cards made, I know I promised I would have new pics for you, and I will. . . tomorrow.

My Australian friend Betty is being so helpful. I am trying to improve my parchment technique and she is doing all she can to make it happen. Love you Betty!

My Texan friend Betty and I are going to collaborate on a card. I am so looking forward to the experience, since this kind of art is usually a solitary experience.

I have many swaps and challenges to take care of this week. I want to have everything ready to be mailed by Thursday.

I expect Christmas card orders will be coming in soon as well as poster and flyer requests for the Agencies we volunteer our services for. This is a crazy time of the year and I always look forward to its being over.

For the first time in recent memory children did not have to wear snowsuits and boots for Halloween. It was actually pretty toasty according to our standards. I enjoyed listening to their screams of delight even while I lay in my sick bed - well okay, it was a sick couch - television was my friend.

Our little grandson was a pirate this year and I hope to have pics to share when his mom gets them to me. He still isn't speaking to me. Doesn't like Nana anymore. I know patience is a virtue, but it is one I am very quickly running out of. I miss our chats but will continue to wait for him to come around. He is angry because Nana lives far and doesn't visit. I would let him in on a secret if he would let me, Nana is pretty choked about that too.

Oh, to add insult to injury, yesterday a major water main broke in the street in front of our home so we were without water for 24+ hours. Not fun! Isn't it amazing how spoiled we are with our luxuries - I do believe that indoor plumbing is a luxury that is unheard of for many of the planet's inhabitants. I can't imagine having to cart water from some outside sourse to do all of my chores. I try to remind myself of how lucky we are when I am feeling a little sorry for myself... You know those "{wahhh I didn't have a pony when I was little" kind of days.

But I digress. The city workers toiled all day and all night and restored our services about an hour ago. They are just cleaning up the site and preparing to leave. Bless their hearts, I sure appreciate what they did.

Okay, so I am off to do the dishes, and maybe even take a shower!

Have a great Sunday evening!

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