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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Welcome to Thursday!

Hi folks:

Today was a much better day, and I decided to obey doctor's orders and take it easy. It was a great excuse to play with all the goodies I received lately and make a few more Christmas cards. I will post pics in my photobucket tomorrow since I haven't quite figured out the new camera yet.

We finished the pet grooming project which was really pretty easy, a few flyers and business cards, and now just have to wait for the client to pick them up.

Hubby is working through the night as always on the 30th day of the month. There is so much more to being a Senior Chef/Kitchen Manager than just cooking.

I was able to catch up with my emails, all 350+ and even watched a little television.

I got another wonderful phone call from my daughter, who is still receiving RAKs from the card group I belong to. She has now decorated her bedroom door with them. She was in fine spirits, and although I suppose a part of this is due to her meds kicking in, I truly believe that your cards and best wishes played a huge part in her recovery.

My grandson being typical, has decided that he "doesn't like Nana anymore". I reminded myself that this was just a phase and not to let my feelings be hurt. He is three going on 30 so I can wait until he gets through this. This Nana will continue to love him with all her heart.

I made another bay window card, and a couple of 3D cards, and have all the pieces cut for a few more. So I will be busy this evening.

Thank you again for your best wishes.

Hugs for each of you.


Betty aka ZacksNana said...

Thinking of you and happy to hear you are following drs. orders.
Don't let Trey's comment upset. Little ones say things and they really don't understand why they feel the way they do. He'll be singing your praises again very soon.
Glad to hear your daughter is enjoying the lavished cards.
Betty aka ZacksNana

Firehorse said...

Hey Danie :)
NICE site...I'm loving this. Glad I found it.
My computer is FINALLY FIXED (it';s only been a year sheesh!) so I have all the art you did for my book back, and I have started writing. Wow, what a relief.

Life is quiter here. I am taking allot of things off my plate, and trying to make my life a little more private than it's been. Between the band and the farm...I am public in a big way and I'm NOT liking it. I don't know how big stars do it!! I don't even want anyone to talk to me at this point. Oh boy...this should be an interesting winter.

Glad you and Paul are ok! Halloween was last night. I sent all my kids off, and for the first time, didn;t go with any of them door to door. I cried like a baby. sheesh. Poor Jordan FLED from my car when he saw it starting. THAT was kind of hilarious LOL...he's SUCH a boy.
Trey...sheesh. Little like that was oly expressing his annoyance that you aren;t HERE. He'll live, and you'll see him soon :) Jess is doing a great job with him.

Love you.