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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Unconditional Love

My youngest sister, Marie Josée devotes her life to her horse rescue farm.  She has loved horses for as long as she has been alive and always dreamt of working with them.  Her dream came true when she married her husband John, and they combined their families to create one truly special place.  I love being there whenever I can get to Quebec.

This picture is of Josée and a recent rescue named Otis.

When Josée introduces a horse to the farm, she sits quiely on a pile of hay and lets the animal investigate his or her new surroundings. What ensues is a special moment when the animal finally understands that he is safe.

This photograph was taken about 5 minutes after Otis' arrival.  It reflects the kindness in my sisters soul and the appreciation of this beautiful animal.



MB Shaw said...

Absolutely beautiful. This makes my day :)

SoulFusion Canada said...

ok..i cried. :)