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Friday, September 23, 2011

Art to soothe the frightened soul

So here's the thing.  My sister was diagnosed with cancer recently.  Now, I am going to guess I am not the only person here who HATES that word, that stupid disease.  We all know someone who has had it - we know people who have fought that battle and won, and some who have lost.  The very word strikes terror in me. Because I watched my mother die of cancer when she was my age, I don't ever want to see another loved one go through it.  But Spirit is in charge and Spirit does as Spirit will. 

I decided my sister needed one of my paintings, or maybe I just needed to give her one. 

Here is what I did (the piece was inspired by a rubber stamped image I saw somewhere...) 

The quote is from a gospel hymn -
"His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me"

 Peace everyone -



SoulFusion Canada said...

and us.

no fear :)

Lucy said...

Hi Danielle, my grandpa is fighting cancer right now.

He won his battle with a cancer in the intestine 5 years ago, but now he's got it back in the throat, and it was already last stage when we found out. Just two weeks ago, he had this whole area removed, now he breaths from an opening in the middle of the neck. And he has to undergo radiotherapy as well.

I hope he can win this battle again!

Danielle said...

Oh Lucy, I hope your granpa is feeling okay. This disease is so hard on everyone. Big hugs to you and yours.