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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hi everyone-

Check out our new website CraftybyNature. Paul has been working hard to set it up as I want it, and in my opinion, has done an awesome job. Feel free to poke around, and to hang out in the Crafty chat room. Invite your friends to join you for some real time chat. And stay tuned for some fun projects, shared ideas, and much more.


The wonderful prize that you all helped me win from The Original Scrap Box is here! And what a busy time we have had of it.

We received the CRAFTBOX exactly when we were told we would.

Fed Ex called us to make an appointment to deliver it to our home. They then explained that they would drop off the skid contents as "close to our door as possible" but that they would not bring it to our apartment. We were okay with that and waited for them. Once it was here, I left it up to son James to bring it up the three flights of stairs to our home. Thank goodness he is in shipping and receiving because he knew exactly how to go about it and got it up here without breaking bones or the contents of the boxes.

Paul and I had decided to wait until the weekend to put it together because of his work schedule. Sunday finally came, and we got down to setting up what we thought was going to be James'
Bedroom/slash my craftroom/our office. Turns out that James prefers remaining on the couch in the living room because the TV is in there and the kitchen is close - geez can that boy eat!
Anyway, putting the whole CRAFTBOX together took Paul and James about two hours with breaks. It is a beautiful piece of furniture/organizing armoire that converts into a storage craft table for the home. impressive really and very well made. We were quite delighted. I have taken pictures which I will gladly share with you. I feel obligated to issue a WARNING at this point. CAUTION – 50+year old shirtless man in pictures!

The CRAFTBOX is no cheap kit in a box deal. Every piece was clearly marked, and beautifully handcrafted. Every screw, peg, bracket, etc, fit perfectly, nothing was skewed, scratched or warped. The wood is gleaming, and the finished piece is very high end I would gladly display it in any room in our home

The actual task was easy. There were no frustrated curse words, or arguments (as is wont to happen when one puts together a piece of furniture from a kit). No special tools needed, just the usual screw driver. I was surprised to see that the company’s logo The Original Scrap Box was beautifully etched on a piece of brass and looked great on the CRAFTBOX rather than screaming at like the usual glaring piece of advertising.

Between the three of us, we managed to empty the room, put the CRAFTBOX together and fill up the room! We reconfigured the computer and did all of that fun stuff. Finally came the time to start loading my stuff. I learned two things... The SCRAPBOX Storage System has room for tons of stuff. With multiple drawers , shelving it holds all of my paper and more, I especially like the Velcro carry totes bags that attach to the inside of the doors (very clever and hugely convenient). The second thing that I learned is that I had TOO MUCH STUFF!!!!!

With great resolve, I decided to go through every single scrap of paper, ephemera, tool and more to see what I could give away, sell, or throw out.

It is now Thursday, and I can finally say that I am ready to craft.

The room looks really good, feels good too. The storage unit is awesome and although I keep the doors open most of the time, I especially like what the room looks like when the doors are closed.

Would I recommend the Craftbox to my friends? YES! In a heartbeat, It is the perfect solution for hiding what we as compulsive paper and embellishment, etc, collectors love so much, and yet having it at the ready for whenever the urge to create strikes.

If you want to know more visit the site by clicking one of the links in this blog and if you decide to purchase one (use Craftybynature as your coupon code) you will receive a $100.00 off the total shipping cost. You can also use the banner at the bottom of this blog.
I can tell you that it is well worth the investment, it is any crafter's dream
Happy crafting everyone!



~ Every piece that is created with feeling
is a portrait of the artist.


michele said...

Wow, I am super impressed that you have been able to assemble the craft box and it has helped organized everything. All of my craft supplies are a mess! It's taken over my living room.

Just wanted to say I only found your site today and it’s really cool. You’ve been very busy and have so many good ideas. Your creations are really cute. I write a London based crafty e-zine and blog named Extremely Crafty Ideas at Would love to hear what you think.

Betty aka ZacksNana said...

Dani! I thought it was just going to be some little rolling crafty organizer! I had NO IDEA! This is gorgeous! I wanna win this crafty box too!!!!

Trish D said...

OH that is so beautiful, well done on winning again!