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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday, Sunday SUNDAY!

Hallooooooo Folks!

I am still in my pyjamas. The guys are watching a pay per view wrestling thingy and I get to play in here. Woohoo!

Dinner was nice, we had our monthly "picnic", where we lay out a buffet of goodies and we pick at it throughout the evening. This evening's fare was a baguette, asiago cheese dip and spinach/artichoke dip, three different kinds of sausages, 4 types of cheese, potato salad, coleslaw, pimento stuffed and garlic stuffed olives, thai pickles, smoked oysters and mussels.

I can't remember having this lazy a day. I read, watched girl tv (you know decorating shows, What not to Wear, spoiled brides and interfering mothers-inlaw) - just what I needed.

Of course the day wouldn't have been complete without catching up on emails and creating (very little) in the studio. I embellished the Bay Window Card, made a 3D embellishment and played with rubber stamps. No great results, but at least did something.

Now, I have to prepare to packages I have to mail tomorrow, and work on a couple other projects, included a parchment card.

I love the look of parch craft. So delicate and pretty. I also love using my pastels to blend colours on the reverse side. Everything looks so ethereal.

Some of the stamps I received in my "RAK" were pretty badly stained. Water sure wasn't going to get them clean, but I remembered a trick I used to use for removing ink from my children's clothing. Hairspray! So I thought, why not? I saturated the stamps with hairspray (I always have some in the studio to use as a fixative for my charcoal or chalk pastel work) and wiped the stamps off. Guess what? It worked. I rinsed them off, and voila! They now look practically new.

Okay I am off to do whatever I can... Onward and upward and all that.

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