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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Folded Book

Hi there -

Decided to play this week.

This is an old "Aerospace Combustion Engine" Textbook that was given to me last year at a nearby garage sale. My thought at the time was to use some of the graphs and images for steampunk projects.

The book sat on its shelf for just about a year.

This week I decided to have a play with it.

I folded the pages while watching tv with hubby. (I find it hard to sit and do nothing for a long period of time, so this was a perfect mindless task.

After folding the 500 plus pages, I started staining the edges,  I added some cardstock scrap on the base, both front and back.  I wanted to keep some of the old edges visible so cut the card shorter than the actual book covers.

I then set to preparing little embellishments and added them.  The nice thing is that I was able to tuck little notes and things inside the pages, my own secret space...  Well not so secret now that you all know.

Anyway, here it is.


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