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Monday, March 28, 2011

Pieces for Fundraiser

So, my youngest sister and her band decided to have a fund raiser for the victims of the Japanese Tsunami.  Other bands and v ocalists joined up with her, and next thing you know it is HUGE!!!  Why am I telling you this (besides wanting to brag about my baby sister?) well because she asked me to donate a piece of my art for an auction they are having.

Of course I said yes immediately, but as the project grew, the venues multiplied, so I have sent off 3.  Here they are -

Let's hope they bring in a ton of money for this worthy cause.

Have a great evening all, I am off to work in my art journal.


Anonymous said...

Wow Wow & Wow!!!
I love them all but that first one really is awesome in my eyes.
Great job Danielle. I hope they get a ton of $$$$

Tee Thompson said...

These are stunning!


Zaa said...

Wonderfully creative work .... You contributions will certainly be appreciated in Japan..... All pieces are equally fabulous!!!