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Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Dreaded Marilyn Piece


Yes another Iris folded card (well fancy folded since I never have an Iris, or almost never), and this one was a killer. The theme was "Star" and I couldn't just make a star, noooooo, I had to choose a celebrity as my subject. I wanted to reproduce the Marilyn pose that is most popular, where she is on the grate and the air is causing her dress to billow up. Not enough that I wanted to reproduce the movement, but I decided to do it with SATIN RIBBON!!! Slippery as all heck!

Marilyn Monroe was quoted as saying "Don't be afraid of the dark, because that is where a star shines brightest". So an apt subject right?

I started this project over at least five times. That's a lot of ribbon to throw in the garbage. I was ready to trash the whole project when Paul came home from work with several rolls of ribbon and urged me to give it one more try. By removing her legs from my design I was able to finish her to my satisfaction.

I know one thing for sure, I will never make another like her!

Again, I designed the background in Photoshop, and watercoloured her, outlining was done in marker.
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